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How To Use Our Site


How To Use Our Site Page

If you've shopped with muk Pro in the past, please login here.

If you've never shopped with muk Pro before, welcome! 

Before you can access our professional-only pricing, we'll have to verify that you're a licensed beauty professional. We do that with the Beautician List app. 

Here’s how to use:

  • Go to any product and click login to see pricing. Then complete the Beauty pro sign up and go through the verification process.
  • Next after VERIFYING you STILL need to REGISTER an account with muk here. (So this is 2 logins total- 1 with beautician list, 1 with muk). You can use the same email and pw.
  • Sign in and unlock our pro pricing!

If you are having any challenges or issues with verification or logging in, please contact us at